A condition that I feel is heavily medicalized or biomedicalized in our societyis obesity. The role of medications in American society in the contexts of medicalization and biomedicalization is to be the cure or treatment to everything. Our society depends heavily on medications and biomedicine for healthcare. Obesity is one of Americas biggest issues in today’s society. Although I think that this problem can be solved just by having a healthy diet and routine workout, the society makes it that instead of working out and healthy dieting people can take medications such as diet pills instead.

A link to an advertisement for a medication that treats this condition that I chose was Lipozene. This advertisement is showing how Lipozene is available to everyone and how the product is used to cut weight loss quickly and effectively. Lipozene is one of the top selling diet brands in America and has been on the market for over five years.This supplement is used to reduce body fat in people without them changing their daily lives. This all has something to do with the way the health industry especially in the western society has developed over the years.

Due to obesity being such a huge issue in today’s society, they are making supplements such as Lipozene available for immediate access and usage. These advertisements are used to make it seem like you will have significant weight loss results by showing  people in the advertisements that have had no issues or side effects to the drug and have had extreme weight loss results and significant reduction of body fat while being able to maintain your normal daily life. This advertisement isn’t showing and stating the side effects of this supplement. It only allows customers to see the good of the supplement not the bad.  With their strategy of advertising it is persuading customers to try the product and allowing companies to make a profit off of these customers. These companies are evening letting customers try the supplement with a 30 day trial.



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