I have choose to talk about obesity but before I go into the specific medications, either defined as medicalization or biomedicalization I wanted to make it clear what each of these categories are. In lecture medicalization was defined as the control over bodies and behaviors through medical interventions. Biomedicalization is the enhancement of bodies and behaviors through medical interventions, this definition also comes from lecture. Obesity is a main problem in our society today. If you think about it a majority of our actions lead the way to becoming obese. America’s favorite past times include eating or drinking. Whether it’s going out to a restaurant to catch up with old friends, grabbing drinks with coworkers after work, or hosting friend and family gatherings were the main concern is what’s on the table in front of you or what the drink in your hand is. I’m not saying we need to stop doing these activities but maybe there are different activities that don’t involve sitting down and consuming so many calories. I believe another issue leading to obesity in our society is the price of gym memberships. Most people despise working out so they definitely are not willing to pay a high amount in hopes to adapt to a new hobby. Now a days there are more advertisements for pills that will increase weight loss rather than workout facilities.

I found an advertisement about hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement. If you watch this video you almost believe that this pill is a miracle worker. What the ad does not show is how much these people have worked out everyday to increase the results or the strict diet they are following. Some people will assume you can just take the pill and lose 4.5 times the weight than diet and exercise alone, like they state in the ad. Which is conveniently following a scene of a doctor approving hydroxycut, so it has to be true. This advertisement also fails to mention any possible side effects that may come from taking hydroxycut. I believe that obesity is something that our society can control it just takes time and determination. I do not think that we necessarily need to be skinny in order to overcome obesity, just be healthy.

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