For this week, the condition that I chose to analyze is obesity. Obesity is heavily medicalized in today’s culture as well as biomedicalized. From lecture we learned the differences between these two trends. Medicalization is the control over the bodies and behaviors through medical interventions and biomedicalization is focused more on the enhancement of that. Biomedicalization deals with solving your own problems and becoming the expert patient.

Obesity is a main problem in the society that we live in today. The easiest way for this to be cured is with a healthy diet and going to workout a couple times a week. However, there are so many pills that are coming out to help with weight loss that people depend on these instead. Since these are medications, people trust that they will work faster for you and that it is the right approach to take because of how well it is commercialized.

The medicine that I chose that treats this disease is HydroxyCut. It is a weight loss pill that is heavily advertised throughout our society. In the ad that I chose you can see the differences that the pill has made and how much weight the woman lost by taking it. In the corner of the advertisement there is even a statement made by a doctor to show this is medically useful to use. In these ads it shows that any regular person can lose this much weight and that it’ll help you feel better and look sexier. At the bottom of the page it shows everywhere that it is sold, giving the person a wide variety of places to go and buy this type of drug. Claiming it is the “number 1 bestseller” also gives the idea it is the best that there is. From this ad and many others you can see how much commercialization is reshaping how people are dealing with their health conditions.



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