Biomedicine is a concept primarily found within the use of Western medicine. The exact definition is the study of the body under extreme conditions and the analysis of response towards treatments for conditions using this concept. The “culture” of biomedicine is a societal factor of this concept as well, primarily through western lenses. Culture plays a large role in our health, the stresses of society put a strain on our bodies and health, which results in the use of medical treatments. In Western medicine, a large part of the concept is the understanding of the foundations of what causes disease as well as the full understanding of the body and its reactions to specific things. These concepts all must be understood through biomedicine if western medicine is to be used.

The concept of the dichotomy of treatment and enhancement is also something that relates to biomedicine and the western world. In my understanding, or at least personal definition of treatment, would be something that mends a problem with the body. For example, if a cut is stitched or a condition that ails a patient is treated then that is considered treatment. This is because something is treated through a treatment, even the wording makes sense. However, Enhancement is something that often happens within our society. This is because we have a stigma around being the best, or being perfect, or being problem free. The issue with this is that everyone is different, and when you try to change yourself to follow the stigma of the crowd, then there comes where enhancement begins. Enhancement is a touchy subject, I have read other posts from this week discussing ADD medications and that is a perfect example because some abuse it when it is not needed for them to be better, therefore it is enhancement. Another concept of this is plastic surgery. lifesaving surgical procedures as well as plastic surgery (this one is situational) both have medical purposes. But once plastic surgery is used for things such as breast augmentations and boot injections instead of treating burn victims and other problems, it becomes enhancement. This is because it is unnecessary for the health of the individual.

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