The “culture of biomedicine” is the westernized idea of healthcare involving illness and techniques for healing. It is effected by cultural and political views. The goal of biomedicine is to fix the health problem scientifically. The process is constantly being amended to be able to create the best healing methods available. It normally starts out with defining an illness and creating a diagnosis for a patient. Then a scientifically proven healing plan is created for that patient to undergo. Our lecture from this week explained that biomedicine is seen as a more objective approach for healing. It is seen as more mechanical and the doctors fix the problems like a mechanic fixes an engine. Since biomedicine is strongly accepted it is given great power in westernized society. The lecture pointed out that patients are taken away from their families and put in hospitals to receive treatment. By doing that the doctors have complete control over their diets and medical examinations. In this culture that is seen as the best way to treat illness.

The dichotomy of treatment and enhancement is very common in biomedicine. My own view of treatment is that it is used to fix a health problem. Something is causing a person significant pain or there is something that is having a negative impact on the body. Treatment is used to solve the problem and create a healthier being. I believe enhancement is used to bring attention or add to an aspect of an already healthy part of the body or mind. Enhancements can be brought upon by pressure or idealized thoughts.

Both treatment and enhancement are accepted by the biomedical society. An example of treatment would be chemotherapy. Many cancer patients go through this treatment process to kill the cancer. Unfortunately it does not always work, so another plan is created. An example for enhancement could be plastic surgery or taking steroids. I am sure most of you reading this are very familiar with all of these examples.

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