Global Health

Global health is a broad intersection of applied medical anthropology. As far as a future career goes, I am undecided, with no firm area of interest. Currently, my plans are to join the Peace Corps after I graduate. I plan on working with that group and directly helping others across the globe. I would enjoy working as a cultural barrier between local people in a certain area and their medical doctors. I am also interested in global sustainability. This area of interest includes a range from the sustainability of food, to healthcare systems in a community. An anthropological perspective could be used to demonstrate how a sustainable global field could be upheld. This could include the work of shaman’s vs medical doctors in keeping the health of a particular community well. Working in the global health care field it is important to demonstrate how crucial the anthropological viewpoint can be. For example, as scary as an Ebola outbreak can initially be, cultural barriers can make the disease significantly worse to treat, or understand. The article “Why Anthropologists Join An Ebola Outbreak Team “ directly displays the confusion that can be found in an area with conflicting cultures during a medical crisis. In Uganda there was an Ebola outbreak and the local people were having misunderstandings with the biomedical doctors. They thought that their family members or friends were being victims to a body part business, and did not want to cooperate with the Western medical teams. By taking an anthropological viewpoint, it is clear to see that the local people were just confused, scared, and wanted answers. An example of cooperation that arose from the local people discussing their concerns with anthropologists is: “The large tarps surrounding isolation units were removed so family members could see and talk with a sick relative”. An anthropologic explanation was all that was needed.

Poon, Linda. “Why Anthropologists Join An Ebola Outbreak Team.” NPR. (accessed August 5, 2014).

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