Week 6: Reflection Post Prompt

Title: Choose an area/intersection of applied medical anthropology to investigate further (e.g. “Clinical Medical Anthropology”, “Public health”, “Epidemiology, “Global health”, “Community health”, etc.)

Body: (300 words)

  • Explain why you picked this intersection and how it applies to your personal interests or future career
  • Imagine you are working for a provider in that area of healthcare who is NOT an anthropologist  (doctor, epidemiologist, nurse, NGO worker, insurance company, hospital worker, etc). Explain how taking an anthropological viewpoint is useful in this particular area – use examples for the course materials and cite your outside sources in Chigago Style.

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick someone with the SAME or similar topic as you. Evaluate their reflection – are there additional ways medical anthropology can contribute to this intersection they overlooked? Give examples.

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  1. Jenelle Dushane says:

    I chose this and looked at how pharmacists would have to take an anthropological view and I think this still applies here. Such as some people believe in only feeding their animals home cooked food so that could attribute to something or even the way they give the food to the animal maybe instead of in a dog bowl they put in on a glass plate. Also you could have a family that believe that animals are scavengers and that their animals eat whatever they find outside such as trash and dead animals or another family that only gives them table scraps. These different ways of eating could help you discover a stomach bug or possibly an allergy. But also different eating style can mean different types of medication (liquid, pill, etc), like if you have a cat that only eats Fish or a dog that only eats wet food.
    Maybe someone brings their dog in because it has not been eating or playing lately but really the owner has not been able to take it to the dog park because it has been raining lately. You would have to know about the dog and the owner’s culture in order to make this diagnosis.

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