Public Health and Anthropology

The intersection I chose was public health and medical anthropology. I chose this intersection because I’m actually interested in working in the public health field. For many years I have always thought medical school was the path for me but now that I am learning more and more about the public health field, I’m now interested in pursuing a master’s in public health degree before medical school. I’m actually in the process of applying to some MPH programs now. I want to get my MPH before I go to medical school, because I know that this will enhance my understanding of disease and infections. I believe that disease prevention and health promotion are the key elements in medicine. Over the past year I have had a lot of exposure in both the field of epidemiology as well as the public health field. I also have a taken a couple of public health and epidemiology courses over this past school year. Those courses gave me a whole different perspective when it comes to medicine. I believe that public health is fundamental to our current healthcare and it also shares the same overall goals as the rest of the health care system.

I think that using an anthropologists view on different health care issues could be very beneficial, because it allows us to look at all aspects involving health as a whole. I believe medical anthropologist are able to look at certain aspects that a doctor would not be able to. Anthropologist in the health field are able to look at all the angles and dimensions of an epidemic or disease. The article titled “Anthropologists and the Public Health Agenda” that was in this week lecture is a good example on why having anthropologists would be affective. This article explains how the world of healthcare can greatly benefit from these alternative approaches anthropologists can deliver.

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