Clinical Medical Antrhopology

I picked Clinical Medical Anthropology because it represents the job field area that I am planning on working in the future, and it is a better way of treating people then is shown in everyday advertisement. This field helps to fit the treatments and healthcare to the specific patient and their cultural background, instead of having an unspecific response and using the same technique among many different people. Now while I do not have a specific job that I want, I feel that it would be beneficial to use the mindset of a clinical anthropologist to help to make the healthcare for every patient that I would treat to be tailored to their needs.

Most doctors I would assume go through the same daily practices, treating everyone the same, not taking to think of the cultural or personal backgrounds that each person might have. This might give them an adequate treatment ratio, but it does not get the largest amount of healthy patients that would be possible if they thought in the mind of an anthropologist. As shown in this week’s lecture, thinking through an anthropologists mind when treating patients from different cultures can be keen because they might accept certain conditions or have certain rituals that might give insight into what may be wrong with them. Not to mention that people from another culture may have some sort of genetic conditions that may be common of people in that community and should be checked for like the higher risk of diabetes and obesity in the Native Americans in the west as was shown in our second weeks lecture. When a doctor thinks through an anthropologists mindset, you may be able to predict future diseases and prevent them from occurring by having the patient change certain life habits, like eating less unhealthy food to prevent obesity and then diabetes.

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