Malaria In Africa

Malaria is essentially an ancient disease and the symptoms of it have been recorded as far back as 2700BC in ancient Chinese medical writings. There have been problems of Malaria all across the world, however, there was a massive effort in order to completely eradicate the disease from most countries in the fifties. The issue for most of Africa through, was that they were left out of this “world-wide” effort to abolish Malaria. After several years, a lot of countries and continents had a vast improvement so the tactic was abandoned and continents like Africa were out of luck. With this information, you can obviously notice that cultural social, and political factors were all huge in how Africa became the area with the largest Malaria problem. Basically, the other (richer) countries did not think that it was worth it to try to use malaria drugs to combat the disease in Africa just as they thought for a long time it was not worth it to try to use HIV/AIDS drugs to try to combat that disease in Africa either. Since other countries like the United States had much more political power it was easy to just leave poverty stricken Africa out of the equation completely. Culturally, sub-saharan Africa is much different then many of the richer countries so they did not know they were even being left out of the opportunity. The CDC does global work to try to aid countries where Malaria is still an issue and sub-saharan African countries like Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania are included. Anthropologists/medical professionals working on Malaria in sub-saharan Africa ( are Victor Nussenzweig and his wife Ruth who met because of Malaria and are now working on it together with the world health organization.


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