Public health

I recently decided to switch what I wanted to do after college and since my change of plans I have been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. After talking to many people and telling them my major is human biology a majority of them have told me to consider a masters in public health because there are so many options within it. I want to help people in some one which is why public health sparked an interest to me. This week I decided it was a perfect opportunity to become more familiar with the topic. Maybe I will find something that interests me within the field of public health to pursue for my future career. Public health is familiarizing people about how to stay healthy and prevent diseases. Public health does not focus on one disease at a time like epidemiology does, for example. It also is helping a large group of people instead of just one person. Now with all of the advances in technology we are able to easily communicate with people outside of our state or even country. In lecture this week we talked about globalization. Globalization is the improvement in social relations which includes interactions between cultures, economic systems and organizations. Now public health can grow even larger. It can educate people worldwide about leading a healthy lifestyle and staying healthy in order to prevent diseases. This way if a disease is found in another country we can be introduced to it  and become familiar with it before we actually have a live case and risk the spread of the disease. Anthropologists study people and their interactions with each other. This will contribute to people in the field of public health because we can see if a certain disease will spread with current interactions. If it will spread with everyday interactions hopefully people of public health can warn as many as people as possible so they can make a change before it is too late.

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