Community Health

I was really intrigued by the fact that in the Dr. Farmer’s Remedy Video, that in Haiti because of these community health workers their health was better and lasted longer than in the United States. Is this Just because they are taking their pills or is more of having someone that is looking out for you. This applies to my future career because I want to become a Pharmacist, and if having other people check up on each other and make sure they are taking their medication appropriately can lead to them being healthier and living longer than I consider that a job well done. In some places this does happen such as hospitals and retirement homes but when people are on their own and even at my age I sometime forget if I forgot to take my daily pills and could use someone reminding me or checking up on me to make sure I took my pills.

Pharmacists sometimes need to take an anthropological view when dealing with patients. Many patients have cultural concerns when receiving medications. Sometime a certain food group or even lack their of can be harmful with a prescription and patients can need extra supplements or a different prescription. Also Their is a concern with drinking whenever taking most medications, drinking while it may be a cultural ritual can be very lethal when mixed with pharmaceuticals and pharmacists will have to find an alternative drug so that an individual can still practice their cultural rituals. There are many other cultural rituals that may be of concern when taking prescriptions, such as fasting, wearing heavy garmets, and sleeping patterns. Understanding ones culture can make sure that their medication is best suited for their needs and would do the best for them, having a community that would help look out for one another would be best for all.

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