Community Health

I chose Community Health because that is the one that interest me the most. In a few weeks I will be starting my master’s program in Community Health Education and after I complete the program I will then take the steps onto becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist. I am very interested in Community Health because you can target one specific group of people and find out what the problem in the area is first and then move on to the next to eventually help all areas. Each community has its own issues and you cannot treat the different community like it is the same.  What might be an issue in one community could be totally different in another one. To me, there is a problem of health that is everywhere but you must start small to achieve larger goals and by dissecting the problem within the different areas, you can make the world a better place. Think of it as solving small pieces to the puzzle, all of the communities put together as a whole.

Taking an anthropologist viewpoint is very useful in community health because it shows you that there are so many ways you can view and solve a situation. I like anthropology because in order to get to a conclusion, there are so many correct paths to take in order to get there. Not only must we be able to utilize so many different routes but we must also realize that there are many factors to why there is a specific problem in a certain area.  The location of the community could have a major impact on health, for example the healthcare systems that are offered in the community.  Does everyone in this community have access to clean water and healthy fresh foods? What if a certain illness is only being spread throughout this one particular community? Who are the ones that are being affected by this illness and why are others surviving or not being affected at all?

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  1. Vu Ho says:

    I also choose community health, because I believe that knowing the community is important when treating people. When practicing medicine in one area, the patient is usually localized. When treating people I believe that knowing about the community can help treat people better and the situation would be more expected. By knowing the community, the partition can understand the culture and belief that is acceptable when it comes to medicine. I also included that once you know about your community that you are treating you can learn more community that are surrounding it. And by learning the similarity and different of the community can help prevent errors and prevent mistreatment. On a topic that one person from one community accepts contraceptive does not mean that another person of different community will accept contraceptive. By knowing the community can gain the trust from the patients and cooperation. What is also important about knowing the community is that by understand more about them I can get easier diagnosis. Everyone may express illness differently and by knowing their usual behavior and expression getting the idea of an illness from their body language and description of an illness will be easier and faster. Therefore understanding more about the community can be beneficial by making treatment easier, effective and more efficient

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