Community health

If I were to be able to be in a part of the health career treating health, I will focus on a smaller scale such as treating the health of the local, so community health is the area of topic. With global health I think it cover a health of a much larger population and area such as countries in a worldwide scale. I find that investigating the health of smaller scale such as community are also important. When I think of a community is a smaller population of a certain area that they share common value, something more specific. Though people in the community may be similar there are also some variance for the people in the community. When it comes to a community it can be a small village, a population of people in a town or a city. How does treating the health of a community can be a benefit to the health of area outside of community? It is because it can be influential to other because by treating the community can prevent disease to spread, it can provide an example that other community can follow to have a successful health care, and much more.

In a situation of people in healthcare that are to not know anything about anthropological viewpoint and I happen to be very knowledgeable about that topic, a meeting is a must. In a medical facility have its own culture, but it is also important to consider about their person’s background. First of all, knowing the background of a person is very important to increase the chance of treating the patient’s health since for example a person may feel uncomfortable, now allowed or not willing to follow the procedure for the treatment. Example such as there are people who can only eat specific diets such as vegetarian diets of a Buddhist, procedure that are forbidden such as abortion, etc. Sometime it is best for a healthcare professional that are similar that their background to handle the decision to decide to improve the health, because it may produce a better result. The example that I liked was though the money could have been used to develop, build or buy medical supply for the community, they spend on lighting for the soccer field. Though lighting don’t really directly relate to healthcare, the result of their change of their lifestyle and overall health. So a person may know a lot about medical knowledge but also it is needed to include the knowledge of the community or an area that I am treating.




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  1. Jamila Carver says:

    I also do agree that focusing on a smaller community will be the best when solving health issues. Like you said there are and could be many different varieties of cultures in this small of a population. That being said there could be different beliefs about things and stigmas that they might believe in. For example like Michigan State, there are a variety of people that live here from different parts of the world. The example of improving health by just fixing a light in the soccer field could also be used in a college population if we are trying to increase the health, or even to see if increasing the health would increase grade point averages.
    You mentioned how that the community population might have different diets because of their diverse cultures. One thing they do all have in common is that everyone within these different cultures, I assume, do eat and could grow certain things like kind of vegetables. If there was a way to have a community garden that can bring people together and possibly introduce new foods to some people. This could also help with getting out and staying active along with eating healthy as well.

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