For this week we were instructed to select a area of medical anthropology to explore further. For me the whole reason I’m actually doing Anthropology is because I want to get into a Graduate program for Epidemiology or public health. The reason I have decided this is because I really want to be able to travel to 2nd and 3rd world countries and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases as well as diagnose groups of people. I want to be able to help the less fortunate and see the world at the same time. I really think that Epidemiology is the best way for me to accomplish this goal. Also after doing that for a while, with a degree in Epidemiology I can eventually find a local job and continue to help people with out traveling. The field of Medical Anthropology presents a great many options for employment as well as chances to really make a positive impact on peoples lives. 

The way  Anthropologists approach a problem is very different to the ways others do so, and that is due to understanding the concept of ethnocentrism. When an anthropologist shes a different culture he/she does not think of them as less. They look at why the people act and do what they do. They learn why cultures are the way they are. I think this approach will be very useful in the field of Epidemiology with the understanding of cultural differences. For example, if there is an out break of a disease in a culture and they have different burial rights that requires them to interact with the dead, they can catch the disease as well. As, an anthropologist my job would be to communicate with them and try to come to some understanding or compromise, so the disease is not spread but the Epidemiologists can still do their jobs.



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  1. Connor DeMars says:

    I also chose the field of Epidemiology, not as a future career, but something that interests me. I agree with what you said regarding Anthropologists approaching problems differently than others do. Anthropologists aren’t there to judge a culture based on their wealth, but to evaluate and understand why they have these characteristics or rituals. Epidemiologists are there to define causality of a certain disease and prevent it further. I don’t believe you overlooked anything, since there is a various amount of jobs that the Anthropologists can do. One being when there is an outbreak of a disease, Anthropologists are at the scene to determine the ways that people view the disease and their cultural differences. That’s pretty cool that you are planning on visiting 2nd and 3rd world countries to help the less fortunate, and the field of Epidemiology should be perfect in helping you do so. You will be able to detect the possible causes for disease to prevent them from happening again and diagnose people. I am still considering the possibility of going into Epidemiology for those reasons as well, I just haven’t made up my mind, but you are definitely on the right track. With that being said, Epidemiology is a very interesting and demanding job that will help those who are less fortunate and anybody else suffering from a disease.

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