FGM in the Sudan

A global health problem in a specific area, the Sudan, is female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM is where all external and internal sexual organs are removed without correct medical procedures. The individuals who do this are the traditional midwifery assistants of the community. Many times the age that this happens at is between five and twelve. Culturally and socially these women do not have a choice in whether the “circumcision” will take play. This is generally done for the men so that the women are pronounced pure and fertile when they are to wed. However, many girls and women suffer from chronic pain, infertility, and infections. Many claimed that they were all right with it because it is a part of their culture. This is only because of the social pressure they must consider and also the pressure from their own family.

Many individuals outside of these culture practices are aware of FGM. They are in the process of making FGM illegal and enforcing these laws. US authorities have stated that arrests are being made. At the request of the authorities a legislative draft has been made and getting it through parliament has just began. This is okay because nothing can happen over night to stop FGM anyways.

In an article by Farnoosh Rezaee Ahan, she explains the viewpoints of many anthropologists and what they’re doing to make these perspectives truer. Ahan states that many anthropologists see this female genital mutilation as inhumane while others believe it is not in our power to condemn a culture for what they believe in. Also in a report by LandInfo, Dr. Nahid Jabrallah discussed the interviews he took part in. He wanted to know about the women’s perspective on this topic and more than 2/3 of them were okay with it. These anthropologists went straight to the heart of all this activity and tried to understand why these women felt it was necessary to have this kind of procedure done to them.



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