Public Health

I chose public health because I believe that with the changing of many different aspects in life, this area of applied medical anthropology will continue to evolve and become more and more beneficial to society as a whole. My career goal included being a surgeon and I know that public health plays a huge role in any and everything that has to do with medicine. To me, public health is a part of the foundation that all medicine and medical issues are built upon. This is where making communities aware of health issues and ways to prevent them. I commend anyone who takes the time out to inform wither a family member, or a group of young teenagers about ways to protect themselves against different diseases and even giving information about general health precautions. There needs to be continuous and beneficial public health awareness in many communities to overall increase the well being and health of a society. And that starts with the people.


If I were working for an insurance company, taking an anthropological stance would be very useful. With public health in general, thinking about how certain areas are affected by certain health issues or diseases could be used to determine insurance costs. Everything in medicine somehow comes down to money because of the treatment needed and also other medical costs. But if these costs could be limited by studying and learning about public health, things could drastically be changed. Working for the company, I could study trends in different communities. This would help in preventing them from happening and also developing ways to do so. I could also set up seminars to inform people about epidemics that have occurred in the past. This way, the community would know if certain disease were affecting them, and if so why. It is up to an entire community to change old habits to make public health better. Research, and inform others of what you learn.

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