Public Health Medical Anthropology

Understanding Anthropology it means the diversity of the losses and gains of the world. As the world continues to become more diverse and information becoming readily available it will be easier to plan ahead for future problems. Public Health has the same concepts as Medical Anthropology thats why I chose these two specifically, because when I become a physician I want to assist the overall well being of my patient. When dealing with illnesses and disease, everything has to be taken into consideration of different aspects of Public health topic. With finishing this course im very much interested in medical anthropology. I plan to keep my options open in learning more about this field. I like that Public Health and Medical Anthropology are very similar. Both are aspects of a person whole life and their emotional, physical, and mental state to treat a disease or illness. Medical Anthropology plays a vital role. I would never have thought about the influences it could have on a person’s life before this class. The role that they both put forth is accessing health care concerns every physician should take this as a class requirement in undergraduate and in medical school to make a person well-rounded Doctor. They could understand the patients lifestyle in addition to their physical needs. Having this information can relates to needs of the patient emotionally. In the material an anthropologist talked about a village in Mexico, that wanted money to be donated to their community so that lights could be used for their soccer field. Many people thought that it would be a waste of money, because lights for an entire soccer field would be wasteful and could go to something more important, such as a clinic in the area. However, the money would go to the soccer field so that many of the community families could use to field to be more physically fit and promote exercise more which would decrease many of the health disparities. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. If medical anthropologist were not available many people especially the western culture would not look at this particular view of medicine.

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