Reflection Week 6

I chose to focus on public health for various reasons. With the current state of the Ebola virus crisis, public health issues are very relevant and are the focus throughout the world. Furthermore, public health has been something that I wanted to pursue career wise years ago but wasn’t sure I would be a good fit. I had aspirations of working for the CDC and still think about it at times. We’ll see what Master’s programs I look into post graduation.  Regardless, public health is a topic that I am always drawn to and tend to be very invested in for the betterment of our community and society.

I think working with people without an anthropological background would result in more textbook findings and answers as opposed to a more holistic or cultural approach. Anthropologists would have the ability to focus on cultural and societal norms and ideals, which would then give organizations like the CDC the tools to approach and educate that community. Deborah Winslow’s talks about anthropologists fulfilling jobs in th research divisions, health communications and other aspects of the CDC. This shows that anthropologists had to ability to work in many different forms and capacities and were able to take their holistic approach and apply it to public health issues.

Furthermore, anthropologists consider health issues that are health related but focus on them at the community level. The focus on research and analysis on a specific problem and a specific client allows for the anthropologists and health care professionals to work in tandem and find a solution to help the community and further more the society.

Finally, anthropologists in public health roles can encourage understanding and education on issues within cultures that can’t be explained just by biological health. Understanding the focus group and area you’re serving can enhance the efficiency and ability to improve public health and encourage a holistic understanding with the other professionals in the public health realm.

Winslow, Deborah. “Welcome to Fall at NSF.” Anthropology News. September 1, 2007. Accessed August 8, 2014.

(also referenced lecture video for this week, week 6)


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