Tuberculosis in Vietnam


One of the major disease for the Vietnamese are Tuberculosis, Vietnam is rated 12 out of 22 highest of TB-burden countries. Every year about more than 100,000 new cases of TB patients and 17,000 deaths occurs. In Vietnam are also having a growing problems with Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. Due to the doctor prescribe an appropriate treatment or the patient that don’t take the drugs as prescribe which can result to multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. The multi-drug resistance tuberculosis are even harder cure, tuberculosis have gain resistance to common drugs such as isoniazid and rifampicin. It seems that just like many countries with high rate of tuberculosis, they have problems of poverty that they are not able to afford the testing and treatment. Though the Vietnamese know that Tuberculosis is a major disease that needed to be treated, the main problem is that not enough fund to support. There are also not enough healthcare staff to test and for the treatment.

Government alone cannot combat disease alone, but with the presence of organization both non-profit and private can change the outcome of disease. With the health problem in the poor countries like Vietnam, nonprofit organization such World Health Organization are a major influence in lowering the common disease. Other organization such as National Lung Hospital, Women’s Union,Farmers’ Union,Red Cross,Youth Union. The main goal is to treat and inform about Tuberculosis. First by informing by the usage of media, cooperation with the government official by meeting or seminar to share experience about their view and experiences. With sharing and exchanging information are very important so that they understand what to do. Information can be spread with digital media, TV, radio, pamphlets, public announcement and much more. By knowing the symptoms they can be treated to prevent further spreading and deaths. With the knowledge of information about the disease and the situation of the Vietnamese population can help where and what are the priority to tackle on. It can increase the efficiency by setting up the right location for treatment that are most needed for the area of population, availability of the drugs and treatment, and health care provider. Also health care and treatment for tuberculosis are made affordable or free if available.

Though Tuberculosis program have been in Vietnam and have greatly been reduced with time, the goal is to further reduce the number.



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