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There are several differences between mitosis and meiosis. They both reproduce but differently mitosis uses asexual reproduction, this occurs in all organisms. All of the offspring are identical. Mitosis is uses this to complete repairs and general growth of the body. For example, if someone burned their skin, mitosis would occur to repair the damaged cells that were lost. In meiosis reproduction is sexually from a male cell (sperm) and a female cell (egg) to reproduce the offspring have variations genetically are different. This occurs in humans, animals, and plants. Both of these process are necessary for survival because meiosis replicates life so that we can produce offspring that will produce offspring. Genetically passing down genotype and phenotype from both parents that they will pass down for future generations. It shows variations that continues evolution and maintain species. Mitosis is important because when things such as I stated before burns happen, mitosis is there to fix and repair any loss or damage. This is important because it helps grow and develop of bodies. Genetic variation, which is responsible for genotype and phenotype everyday in life is seen in humans, animals and plants as stated before. You can see in everyday by looking a people while walking around. Someone may have similar genotype so but express different phenotypes. For example hair color, eye color, even height. Which is very interesting because edit makes everyone unique. Through evolution we evolve based on reporduction of meiosis and growth repair through mitosis.

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