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I have Social Anxiety

In this episode of true life there are 2 people dealing with a mental illness called social anxiety. For the female she has complete social anxiety, from paranoia to depression. The male on the other hand has a more specific…

Im Drunkorexic

This episode of True life previewed the lives of two younger individuals dealing with an attempt to drink regularly while starving themselves of food to keep off the calories in which they acquired by drinking at such high rates (abstract)….

I have Social Anxiety

True Life: I have Social Anxiety follows two young individuals that experience extreme distress when having to interact with people or even leaving their homes. Nonie, a 21-year-old female, had a hard time picking up and waiting for a pizza….

“I have diabetes”

The episode of  “True Life: I have diabetes” is about three young people Kristyn, Matt, and Jen who all have chronic diabetes. In order for them to stay alive they must track their blood sugar all day everyday. Kristyn, a…

Week 4: Activity Post Prompt

Title: Choose an episode of True Life dealing with a medical condition from this list [link] to analyze for this activity post and write the title of it (e.g. “I have schizophrenia”) ***If you pick an episode that does not directly correspond…