Intro: Aspiring Infectious Disease Specialist

Hi all! My name is Michelle George and I’m about to be a 5th year senior Human Biology major.   Similar to many, I’d like to travel the world, enjoy the outdoors, and am obsessed with food.  I’d love to attend medical school or go into research and specialize in infectious diseases/HIV.  I’m an avid movie-watcher…mainly old horror films!  If I weren’t so interested in medicine, I’d probably have chosen a career in film/acting.

I have no previous experience with anthropology as this is my first class.  I decided to sign up for it to get more perspective on the sociocultural impacts on health and disease as opposed to just learning scientific facts.  jackteefThis is my Shiba Inu, Jack! He’s fat, lazy, and is convinced he’s a cat.  I’m fairly certain he spends his days plotting world domination.

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