Intro: Beach Bum

Hey guys! My name is Jackie, I was a Human Biology major. I actually just graduated a couple weeks ago so I am just taking this class and two others to try and finish up my degree! As soon as these summer classes are over, and I am officially done with my undergrad, I plan on celebrating and then taking some time off. Grad school is in my future plans too but I want to make sure the program I decide to apply to is the absolute right fit for me. I have loved my four years here at MSU and I am somewhat dreading moving back into my parents house.  Fortunately for me, that doesn’t happen until August so for know I am enjoying my summer here in EL, but I also plan to make as many beach trips as I can this summer to my family’s cabin on Lake Huron. As my intro said, I am a big beach bum. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year and I love the flexibility of online classes such as this. This is my second anthropology class and so far I have no complaints. I can’t wait to see what this class and this summer has in store for me!

Boracay, Philippines last summer 2014

Boracay, Philippines last summer 2014


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  1. Hi Jacquelyn, I wanted to comment on your post because I found it really interesting that you are a human bio major and a beach bum just like me! I really love the ocean and the beach. It’s definitely nice that your family has cabin by the beach!

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