Intro: Future Doctor and Aspiring Animator!

Hello, everyone! My name is Anissa Salem. I’m 19 year old junior majoring in Human Biology. My goal is to complete a degree in Human Biology and then move on to medical school to become a doctor and work in a hospital. But medicine isn’t my only passion. I used to be a freelance storyboard artist, and I still love to draw. I mainly draw cartoons, but I did storyboards for some live action films such as The Young Kieslowski. I haven’t had much experience with the concept of Anthropology, but I would love to become familiar with it! This class was an option for my major and it seemed to be the best choice since I’m very intrigued by the nature of human beings as well as the study of medicine. Hence, why I chose to take Medical Anthropology!

Electro-Swing Night Club: Tom and Roni
i was animating something then i stopped

This is a cell from one of my more rougly animated projects. Although it is not medicine-related, I’d say it’s an accurate representation of one of my greatest passions in picture form. I think it’s most relevant to me because it features my own form of self-expression; animation. While it’s been a while since I’ve worked on an animation project that was this time-consuming, I’d love to continue to pursue animation for a year or so after I graduate.

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  1. Hi Anessa! My name is Emmen and I also love to draw. How early did you start drawing? I love the style in which you made your characters, they’re very unique. Good luck with all your upcoming projects and classes and with medical school!

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