Intro: Ocean Lover

Hey guys! My name is Meri and I am a senior majoring in both Human Biology and Psychology. I am graduating at the end of summer and so I had to take this class and a few others in order to finish up my Human Bio degree. I do not know exactly what I will do after I graduate I plan on taking the mcat and seeing where that takes me! My title on my post is ocean lover which is actually a little funny. I absolutely love the water and it just automatically brings me peace and serenity, the funny part, is that I am actually a terrible swimmer! I am about to graduate having learned all these amazing things but I still can’t manage to do a good job at learning to swim haha! I also love my cat! I am posting a picture of him because I actually didn’t like cats at all before I got him. I always thought cats were mean and no fun. He has completely changed the way I feel about cats because he is so friendly and loving. It really comes to show that you really can feel differently about things once you open up and experience them!


This was Gizzy during Christmas break!

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  1. Hi Meri! Congratulations on finishing your degree soon!! Thats amazing how you love to enjoy your time in the water. Personally, I’m afraid of water, but you make it sound like its so peaceful and fun! I, second that, I’m a terrible swimmer as well. But good luck this summer, as you tackle down your last classes for graduation!
    By the way, Gizzy is so adorable.

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