Intro: Fil-Am Spartan

Hi Anthro 204!

My name is Ronald Ilagan and I will be a senior this upcoming fall studying Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Health & Society and a cognate in Political Science.  I know that this is a very unconventional route, when I tell people my major most people are confused on what exactly that entails and I’m still trying to piece everything together.  I was previously a Political Science Pre-Law major but I chose to change my major because I felt that the single Pre-Law track would limit my opportunities if I decided that Law School wasn’t for me.  I chose specifically Interdisciplinary Studies because I can use my political science credits and combine that with studying the health field.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do but I hope to do something in Health Policy, Health Law, or Public Health.

I have no previous experience in Anthropology and am very curious to learn more about the subject, given the introduction to the topics we will be covering.  Analyzing the different ways humans perceive health and illness is something that I have never really conceptualized.  It is very interesting seeing the comparisons between the empiricism of Modern medicine compared to the more spiritual sides that other cultures uphold.

Outside my academic life, a big facet of my life is my heritage, something I take much pride in.  At Michigan State, I am heavily involved in the Pilipino American Student Society (PASS), in which I served as President last year.  Before going to State, I didn’t think much of my culture, particularly due to the fact that it didn’t really affect my day to day life.  I grew up in Harper Woods, Michigan,  a suburb of Detroit where there was hardly any Asians, let alone Filipinos.  My sister made me join PASS when I was a Freshman and I became immersed in the culture.  Now, being a student leader and promoting the importance of cultural awareness is what I strive for in my works on and off campus.

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