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HI everyone. My name is Douachee Her and I am a student in the College of Natural Science studying human biology. This year, I am a Senior and I will be graduating in the spring of 2016. I do plan on attending medical school to pursue a Doctoral Degree, however, I’ve been interested in pursuing a Master Degree in Public Health. I haven’t decide what route I’m planning to take, but I’m sure I’ll decide on one soon.

Usually when I’m stressed, I enjoy doing word cross puzzles, such as Sudoku. Although, Sudoku uses your minds, I feel like it gives a sense of relaxation. In addition, I also feel like its a test because i’m being timed and I have to use my brain fast. When I was younger, I used to be very indecisive, but after playing so much word puzzled, it helped me make my decision better and faster.

Furthermore, I’m looking forward to this course because it is my very first class of Anthropology¬†and I plan to do well in this course. I always enjoy all my sciences classes, despite of organic chemistry. However, I’m looking forward to learn new materials about this course, the fundamentals of medical anthropology, and how its used for our lives. Most importantly, I can’t wait to work with a great class of peers, who is also inspired to do great in this course as well.

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  1. Hi Douachee! I just noticed your blog post and wanted to make sure you received your points for this activity. First off, your title should include something about yourself that you want to share with the class and begin your title with “Intro:”, for example “Intro: Future in Public Health” or something to that effect. Also, in the body of your post, in addition to telling us about yourself, we were asked to post a picture to the blog post of something relevant to us and to explain why we chose that picture. My intro blog post was “Intro: Exploring Options”. It was about how I am exploring my options for my future, and I posted a photo of my cat and explained how I used to be afraid of cats but I decided to move out of my comfort zone and try new things, like adopting a cat. You can just copy and paste your photo in your blog post.

    I hope you get this so you can get your points for this activity!!! Hope this helped!

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