Your Future Nurse

Hey guys! My name in Malinda and I’m a senior at MSU. I was apart of the commencement that took place this spring and I will be taking my last class that I need for my degree starting this July. After I complete my degree requirements I will be looking into nursing programs so that I can start working toward my nursing degree. I want to become a pediatric nurse and eventually open a daycare.  I don’t plan on moving out of state right now but I also have no idea where I would like to go for nursing school so I hope to have it all figured out by the end of this summer.

I’m really interested in music of any kind. I’m always walking around singing something; I’m pretty sure that it get annoying for my friends some of the time. I also like introducing people to new music because you never know what someone might like. I’m pretty sure that when I become a nurse the kids will love me because I’ll always be singing to them and I’ve been told that I have a pretty solid singing voice. I’m also interested in doing voice over work for cartoons but I don’t have any idea how to even begin to get involved with it so I haven’t pursued it fully.




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