Intro Post: Never Stop Exploring

My name is Christopher Martindale. I am currently attending both Michigan State University and Davenport University. I am completing my degree in interdisciplinary studies in social science with a business emphasis at Michigan State University and I am currently in the nursing program at Davenport University.

I served in the military for four years as a hospital corpsman. I currently live in East Lansing but have lived in Colorado and California. I love yoga, traveling, hiking, and snowboarding. I have a desire to take full advantage of every opportunity and moment in life. I am attaching a picture of my favorite hike in Colorado. The trail is Chicago Lakes. The reason I am sharing this picture is the meaning it holds. Life can be complex, stressful, and busy and we often overlook the simple things especially nature. Take the time to invest in yourself, explore, and take in everything. Two of my favorite statements or quotes is, “Never stop exploring.” and “Not all who wander are lost.”


I am taking this course as a requirement for my degree. I have taken ANP 201 and 370. Anthropology is interesting and I have a passion for medicine so I assumed the class would be a good combination. I look forward to this class and the material presented.

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  1. Hi Christopher! I’m Jordan Gebhardt and obviously I am in the same online course as you. The picture you posted is really awesome and sentimental. Thank you for your service. You seem to be one to follow your heart, allowing yourself to be utilized as best as possible. Good luck in the rest of the course!


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