W1 Activity: Anxiety

There are several different ways that you could interpret the actual meaning of the word health. Based on my previous experiences and knowledge of the word, health is being in the state of physical, social, and cognitive well-being. If someone were to ask me if I were healthy, a lot of factors would play a role. One would be my recent levels of exercise or if I’m in shape. Maintaining a healthy diet would also play a role in answering someone’s question if I were healthy or not. I believe that maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen plays a large role in the other aspects of health such as social and cognitive well- being. Maintaining good health and fitness, or overall stature plays a big role in how we are perceived in America, which is unfortunate. Everyone has their social norms and standards. I am also a firm believer that maintaining good health strongly affects how your brain works. A healthy body includes a healthy mind. If I wanted to explain my definition of illness I would say the exact opposite of what it means to be healthy. It’s more than just an absence of health, but more lacking physical, social, and cognitive well being. The criteria I used is from previous health and nutrition courses that I have taken, as well as personal experiences in each subject throughout my life.

I believe that a lot of what is perceived as healthy comes from personal experience. At the end of the day it comes down to each individual making the conclusion if they’re healthy or not. I think the other sources such as the media, society, and family also play a large role in this criteria. We are always trying to seek more information about what health really is, and our parents/family play a large role in what our health is like growing up my molding our knowledge of the term. I think that the media/society leads a false portrayal of what health really is at times.

The first condition I chose was anxiety. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I would say that it is most definitely an illness. Based on my definition of health, having mental well-being plays a large role in how you are perceived healthy or not. Because illness is basically the exact opposite of health, anxiety would fall under this category. Anxiety can lead to large bouts with stress as well as panic attacks. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a panic attack but they’re not fun. It is the exact opposite of being healthy, and also an illness. The second condition I chose is migraines. I also believe that migraines would be considered an illness. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, sometimes they have causes. Regardless, they impair your physical/mental abilities to function at full potential. You are not in a state of health/well-being  when experiencing a migraine.

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