W2 activity: Bad Sugar

I did decently well on the Health Equity Quiz. I believe the primary reason that I did well on this quiz is due to the Sociology class that I took last fall. We went over a lot of the topics that were presented in this quiz. That class opened my eyes to so many economic problems and inequalities that I was not really surprised at any of the facts that were presented.  The statistic that I found most surprising was that we aren’t the country that spends the most money on health care. We were only numbered in the top 5 that spend the most on health care.  I know that we spend a lot on treating the diseases and not enough on prevention in the first place which was brought up in Bad Sugar. This was the episode that I found most interesting out of the three we were supposed to watch. It involved Native American people and the fact that they are greatly affected by type II diabetes.  They are effected more so of any of the ethnic or racial groups. The video explored why this was when the people lived in very different locations. It started with possible genetic factors but ended up going in a different direction which became the primary reasoning for this issue. It primarily came down to the economic inequalities that these people had to face on a day to day basis.  What I mean by this is that these Native American people did not have the money to eat healthy food or have proper health care.  The poor diet ended up causing the type II diabetes that is so prevalent in this grouping. The lack of access to health care would cause death in many cases to the point where people just assumed that was how they would die. These economic reasoning’s would be the non-genetic factors that explain this health disparity.

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