W2 Activity: Bad Sugar

I did poorly on the Health Equity quiz with only a 4 out of 10 grading. I was definitely surprised by many of the correct responses such the wealth gap between the top 1%, which owns the same wealth as the lowest 90% of the population, there is 1.7 acres of land for 1000 people in the poorest neighborhood compared to 3.8 acres in the wealthiest places and that “the single strongest predictor of health is one’s position on the class pyramid.” I think is appalling to believe the wealthiest country in the world has one of the strongest relationships between wealth and health.

Of the Unnatural Causes episodes, the one that stuck out to me the most was “Bad Sugar.” The prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes has increased greatly in the Pima population over the years. The lack of water due to the construction of dams such as the Coolidge Dam and irrigation plans for White landowners in the 1920s led to the a drastically cut in water flow to the rest of the Pima land. Lack of water meant for irrigation of plants lead to a scarcity of healthy food and vast numbers of death due to starvation. Although the government tries to assist by giving food to the Pima population, most of the food is generally not the best in order to promote a healthy diet. It is many carbohydrate-rich with items such as shortening, lard and flour, for example. Whilst areas of affluence benefit from development projects like the dams, their luxuries are taken from the hardship of the Pima people. The disparities between those who benefit from the water supply and those that live without are further shown in the clip in which the wealthy ate on China while the Pima community ate packed lunches. Wealth and power are non-genetic factors that can explain some of these health disparities.

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  1. Based off of your summary of “Bad Sugar”, it seems that a lot of the issues revolve around the government. Beginning with the creation of the dam, this drastically affected the Pima people. There must be new implementation of water system. With a better functioning water system, the Pima people would be able to grow their own, much healthier foods. This solution would be considered political and economical. The government needs to create a new program, funding this program in order to install a better water system. Another aspect would be an individual aspect, people must be willing to move away from the carbohydrate-rich foods and be willing to grow their own foods.

    The government, doctors, and local people should all be responsible to help alleviate this issue. Everyone must be on board, having the same goal in mind to help decrease the incidence of diabetes. It must begin first with the assistance of the government in renovating the current water system. This way, the Pima people would be able to take matters into their own hands, growing healthier foods. Doctors should also be advising their patients to eat healthier. Diabetes screening would be a good option, as in some cases diabetes can be controlled by diet alone. All of these factors must coincide in order to actually make a lasting impact.

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