W2 Activity: Bad Sugar

Based on different subjects that I’ve taken over my education such as Psychology, I have been more persuaded that “nature” more of the time trumps “nurture” in respect to different situations and conditions so I was very surprised by my results on the Health Equity quiz because it really opened my eyes to how other factors such as location and financial status may affect health.  I was alarmed by how poorly I did on the quiz; an abysmal 30% as the questions results really surprised me.  An example of this was finding out how low the U.S. is comparatively on the life expectancy rate in the world.  I was sure that it’d at least be in top 20 but 29th place is something I would have never guessed.  This as I can see now is related to the extremely high health care rates compared to the rest of the world and knowing all the debates on Obama’s Healthcare policies, I can see why the number is so high.

On the Bad Sugar Unnatural Causes Episode, the example with the Pima Indians really exemplifies this interdisciplinary approach to medical anthropology, specifically through an ecological perspective, as the dams created creates a direct effect to a specific ethnic group, in this case the Pima.  The Dam was built to create modernization and other opportunities for people to take advantage of the water.  An adverse and unexpected consequence to this construction was the degradation of the cultural economy that the Pima Indians thrived off of for nutrition.  As time went on, many of the living conditions for the Indians became less sufficient as seen in many of the ruins of the episode.  This also led itself to the eventual increase in Type II diabetes rates within the Pima Indian population with numbers reaching up to 50%.  This isn’t just from a biological disposition but from a real ecological interplay between the Pima and the modernized world.  The dam in all was meant to create positive change but in the case of the Pima, these people fell into suffering because of it.

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  1. Hello Ronald,
    I believe a solution to the conflicts that arose from the creation of the Dams within the Pima communities could have been avoided if they were consulted and their opinions over their environment was considering. The destruction of their cultural economy not only took a mental but also a physical toll on most of the Pima Indians who used these resources for survival. The agricultural advantage of having these natural resources have for many years kept the Pima Indians in good health and nutritional standings.
    I believe my solution has more to do with politics than biology, individual or economics because this as mention in your discussion the dam was built to create modernization and other opportunities. These difference were assumed to have an increased economic result but in turn directly harmed the Pima Indians. I agree this is indeed an ecological perspective that examines the direct effect that economic modernity has had on a specific ethnic group.
    I honestly believe that the local government should be responsible for this contribution to health disparities amongst the Pima Indian communities. Again, if their opinions and natural resources would have been considered when building this dam then a lot of these health issue may have been avoided or an alternate solution could have been arranged. Great Post!

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