W2 Activity: Bad Sugar

I surprised myself while taking the Health Equality Quiz, I actually got 7 out of 10 correct. I really do not know that much about health equality, so I must be a great guesser. The most interesting fact I found while taking the quiz was that recent Latino immigrants, though poorer, have better health than the average American, yet within a few years of arrival, their health advantage begins to disappear. I figured the wealthy, white Americans would have the best health care over all Americans.

The Unnatural Cause video I choose to analyze was Bad Sugar. This issue really hit home for me because both of my Grandparents have Type II diabetes. Before this assignment I did have the belief that better development, urbanization and globalization did mean greater health among local populations, which was kind of confirmed when I watched the Bad Sugar video.

I think the non-genetic risk factors in this particular case outweigh all the possible genetic factors. The people of the Tohono O’Odham Reservation in Arizona are more secluded in their area, and have to rely on a smaller food supply than most people. They also, because of their secluded nature, do not have the same level of access to health care that others may have. I found it most interesting when they started to talk about how the people believed the Type II Diabetes was caused by a unique genetic make-up and that contracting it was an anomaly. This was most interesting to me because my first instinct would be to blame my surroundings and way of live, before I would question my genetic make-up.

The better explanation for the contraction of Type II diabetes is the fact that most Tohono O’Odhams live below the poverty line; more than half to be exact. The lack of water sources are the biggest reasons I see for their health issues. Insufficient nutrition and unclean water supplies would make anyone sick.

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  1. Hi Jacquelyn,

    I picked your post because “Bad sugar”was one of the videos I didn’t watch and was curious to what it was about. I agree that their health issues could be caused from lack of water sources. The environment we live in is very important and can change our health and lives drastically. Because of their secluded nature, the only thing they can do to improve is to take good care of their own health by maintaining a good lifestyle. I did some research online and think that the best treatment for Type II Diabetes patients is to take diabetes medications such as pills, injected medicines or even insulin. I think that my solution is individual and biological. From your post, I believe that the government should have responsibility for alleviating this health disparity. If they raise fundings and solve the problem of lacking of water, less people will get Type II Diabetes and can have a better health.

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