W2 Activity: Not Just a Paycheck

In this week’s activity I learned a lot of statistical facts about the harsh reality of the world we live in today. The Health Equity Quiz was very intriguing and interest and to begin I was doing quite well with my prior knowledge of the US health standings. Then around question number 4 I began to take a downward spiral which resulted in me scoring a 6 out of 10. This was a horrible score but was also a reality check to quite a few healthcare concerns I had never considered to be an issue before this quiz. For instance there was a question inquiring of the best predictor of one’s health. Without hesitation I considered past medical illness and genetics but no this was incorrect, the best predictor of individual health was income or wealth. I find that to be strange considering the fact that so many people live in poverty or even worse below poverty levels around the world.

I agree with the notion that we often times believe that development, urbanization, and globalization mean a greater health outcome amongst local population, which can in many instance be false. I selected the episode of Unnatural Causes “Not just a paycheck” and this documentary investigates the true issues of inequality in relation to the stress that with being laid off. Electrolux (spell check) decided to abruptly transport their refrigerator factory from Michigan to New Mexico which resulted in hundreds of workers becoming jobless. Many of the employees are currently dealing with the stress due to this lack of income.

Epidemiologist Sir Michael Marmot discusses this undeniable correlation between wealth and health. How those individuals who are wealthy even within this mentioned area have better health and more opportunities to ensure they remain within this state of health. In this instance of the factory closing and cause a great deal unemployment I believe that factors such as stress would be consider a contributing influence to this notion of health disparity not only in Michigan but around the world.


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  1. Hello there. First of all I wanted to say that you provided some interesting insight on your analyzation of the health equity quiz and the unnatural causes case study that you chose. I thought that this case study provided some similar points to that of the case study that I chose which was titled “In Sickness and in Wealth.” One that stood out was the relationship between wealth and health. Stress plays a large factor in ones overall health, which you have provided in your post. In my case study it provided a study on how stress increases cortisol levels in your body, which essentially leads to bad health. Yours was specifically the true issues of inequality in relation to stress. I think to solve this issue; you would have to apply an individual standpoint. Many people in this country have to deal with the stress that comes with being laid off. The 1% of people in this country that are worth more than the rest of the people combined is not going to change. There is a lot of opportunity in this country to make something of oneself. This may sound super conservative but its true. A lot of people in this country believe that the world owes them everything and essentially sit around and do nothing. So basically, a solution to this problem is to work your way up in the world and make enough money so you can live comfortably and stress free. You have to feel for those who were laid off, but many of those people find solutions and find new job. As college students, may of us are broke, Especially with the increased cost in tuition over the past decade. You still see a lot of people taking classes and working to put bread on the table. For alleviating this health problem, the government certainly helps with funding and grants. Or for non-students, welfare. In the end of the day I think it is our job as individuals to ensure our own health and wellness. Overall, you did a great job analyzing each topic and I wish you well in this course.

  2. Hi Tesiley, I really enjoyed reading your post. I think it is really great how you clearly explained the undeniable relationship between someone’s wealth and their overall health. I have to agree with you and say that an individual’s income status and their health are greatly correlated. I like how you talked about the wealthy people in that same community that are suffering from the same job loss, due to moving the refrigerator factory from Michigan to New Mexico, are still overall in better health. You also mentioned that they have more ways to ensure that they remain healthy. I think the obvious solution here is an economic one! Bring more jobs to poorer people. It is obvious that taking away jobs from the already wealthy is not as bad as taking them away from the poor. The less wealthy need more jobs in order to ensure a better overall quality of life which includes their overall health! Clearly stress has a great impact on health and I think it is safe to say that money has a great impact on stress. By bringing more jobs to people who really need them we can try to keep these people more healthy! I think that the government is absolutely responsible for bringing back jobs to these people and ultimately they are responsible for their health! By taking away jobs and adding stress they are decreasing people’s overall health so they are responsible for fixing that problem by bringing more jobs and opportunities to people in need!

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