W2 Reflection: Heart Disease among Caucasian females

Throughout lecture this week we covered various topics. The two major topics are the ethological and biological approach to medicine. We also learned about the correlation between race, genetics and health. In my opinion, genetics are overshadowed by race. Throughout human history, and still in current day, race is a large issue. A lot of people associate certain races for certain stereotypes, which can be a large issue in terms of proper healthcare. Racism has been prevalent in terms of healthcare for hundreds of years. There have obviously been some significant actions done by humans such as the medical testing and eventual murders of “patients” during the Holocaust, and various genocides throughout world history. Along with the other readings, the human eugenics video was a good example, and I found this quite disturbing. Although overshadowed by race, genetics can still play a role in health. For example, there is an example of this from the video about malaria in West Africa. The people in this region were more likely to be immune and defendant of Malaria than many other regions throughout the world. There were still some of the unfortunate ones that got sickle cell anemia. Overall, all play a large role in health, especially in various areas of income around the world.

female heart disease

In my title, I chose to analyze heart disease among Caucasian women. There could be several factors that relate to the high prevalence of heart disease. Some of these factors may include bad diet, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, and basically any form of health condition that causes poor health. According the chart above, Caucasian women have the prevalence of heart disease on that entire list, which are mammoth numbers. I wanted to choose this topic because it is a very large problem for many American women. From what I found in an article, women are more likely to die from heart attacks than men. This is because women become more vulnerable to heart disease because their bodies produce different levels of hormones associated with menopause. Heart disease can be hereditary and be induced by conditions such as high blood pressure. This could be the reason for the higher amount of heart disease patients on the chart than any other ethnic background. Along with poor health, smoking, lack of exercise, passed down genes or poor socioeconomic backgrounds could play a role in the very high levels of heart disease in Caucasian women.


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