W2 Activity: Not Just a Paycheck

I scored 4 out of 10 on the Health Equity Quiz. I was completely shocked at how many questions I got wrong because I was doing it according to my own knowledge of US health standing. I’m thrilled to learn more about the health system after completing the quiz. From these 10 questions, I already learned a lot more about the US health equity and I hope there would be more opportunities in the future for me to learn about it.

In the video, “Not just a paycheck”, it talked about the people living in Greenville, MI. A company, Electrolux, moved  their refrigerator factory from Michigan to New Mexico for better economy caused hundreds of workers  jobless. Workers who were being laid off caused an array of health problems and increased of stressed level. It became a major challenge and life changing event and it’s something that they could not recover from. This video also mentioned that people from different economic classes tend to deal with health differently. People who are wealthier tend to have better health and  maintain life better than poor people.

I think that from being laid off and having no opportunity to support their family financially can cause serious stress level. Due to this major event, I don’t believe that genetic factors caused the health disparities. I just think that being finically stable and raise a family is what secures the relationship with ourself, our family, and our loved ones. Everyone gets stressed in different ways, but no matter where you are, lack of income will always effect this notion of health disparity.

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  1. It seems from your summary that the city of Greenville had health problems and disparities in the community as a result of the economical situation in the area. So, it would stand to reason that the best way to alleviate this stress on families would be to improve the number of job opportunities and provide help to those who remain unemployed for an extended period. My solution I suppose would be a combination of political and economical interventions. I would conduct an interview with the company and try to understand what lead to their business decision to move elsewhere in the country. Based on their response, maybe it would be beneficial for the State of Michigan to rewrite current laws if the cost of production was simply that much more expensive than that of New Mexico, so as to not lose more companies. And also maybe some sort of jobs program in the area for those people who were with that company for so long and could use job training to be a competitive job applicant. I have strong opinions that when it comes to health disparities, it really should be doctors who take the lead in fixing the problem. I think volunteering services and working for less pay in communities who cannot afford healthcare is something that doctors should champion and see it as their duty to ensure that all patients are taken care of no matter their socioeconomic standing.

  2. This episode was one of my top three picks for this activity. When watching this video and reading your review on it, it is true that many of us individuals has our own perspective of expressing our emotions or/and our stress levels.Therefore, from your summary about Greenville having health problem has caused economical situations to those that were affected. So, my best solution for this kind of situation is to able to improve the number of jobs and help those who has been laid off for quite some time. Being taking this action, I can conduct an interview for those who has been laid off and discuss their interests. Furthermore, the main caused of most people getting lay off was company dispersing to different locations, therefore, I will also conduct an interview with them to ask why would the move and do they not understand the circumstances when their employers no longer have jobs. By doing this, it may show how important it is for those who actually need a job, compare to those who own a company. Like you’ve mentioned above how those who receives a better life, such as being wealth, is totally different from those who are not wealthy. Their status quo will also affect their lives, however we can always strive the best and encourage us to continue working hard for ourselves and family.

  3. As discussed in the episode the reason for the health problems was that people lost their jobs due to the company leaving to go to New Mexico for the “better economy.” I did not watch this episode but usually when a company moves it is because of cheaper manufacturing costs and tax breaks. My idea for a possible solution would be for the state to offer tax incentives to draw companies back to Michigan and keep them in the state. Another possible solution would be for the state to provide incentives for companies to give better health insurance and coverage to employees. These are both obviously political solutions to the health problem, but the tax incentives also would lead to an economic solution.
    While my solutions are both political and something that is done by the government I do not think it is their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the government to help their people, but it also is the responsibility of the company that just decided to leave and lay off all those employees. I say that it is the responsibility of the company because they were the life blood of the economy in Greenville. As a large company like that they have a responsibility to provide health insurance to their workers, and by leaving all those workers unemployed suddenly they failed at that responsibility.

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