W3 Reflection: Post Prompt

W3 Reflection: Post Prompt

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Title: Start your title with the week number (“W3 Reflection: ”)

This week we have seen several examples of healers in various ethnomedical systems and healthcare sectors. Choose one to reflect on further (e.g. “W3 Reflection: Clown Doctors in NYC” or “W3 Reflection: Medical doctors in Japan”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Summarize the article/link/film(s) you are reflecting on
  • Who are the healers, what is their social status, what techniques do they use, and how do they interact with their patients?
  • Describe the system/sector(s) and the culture they operate in – How is healthcare delivered in this system? How are the body and symptoms understood and treated?

Comment: (200 words)

  • Choose a post that identified a different healer and/or system in their title
  • How do they compare to biomedical doctors and/or how healthcare is delivered in the U.S.? Do these healers seem credible, legitimate, effective, etc? Justify your answer.

2 thoughts on “W3 Reflection: Post Prompt

  1. Great informative post, Katlyn. I had no idea until this class that Japan’s healthcare was so much better off than the healthcare in the United States. It is truly incredible how they are able to look after the health and well-being of all of their citizens while spending a fraction of the cost that we pay here in the United States. Even more respect goes to the doctors and healthcare professionals who still go through so much schooling and put so much time into caring for and treating people without nearly as much monetary compensation as healthcare professionals here receive. To me, it shows that those doctors truly care about their patients and not just about their social and economic status. The fact that Japan has the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rate proves that the system they use is both credible and extremely effective, in addition to being cost-efficient for the people seeking healthcare. If we were to incorporate a system like this in the United States I believe the health and well-being of many people would increase, and that so many more people would seek out professional healthcare for their issues since it would be much more affordable for them.

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