W4 Activity: I have Diabetes

Illness narratives allow patients to interact with healthcare professionals, with others suffering from the same diseases, and to get help and support from friends and family.  It is chronic and the patient will suffer from some degree of discomfort for the rest of their life. By talking to friends and family, joining a support group, the patient is able to receive help from others in the same situation. Talking to a doctor or nurse is important too, so that they can increase/decrease insulin dosages, and help monitor the patient’s overall wellbeing.

In the True Life episode, we are introduced to three people learning to cope with diabetes. The episode echoed a “quest” narrative, because it portrayed it in a light where the individuals were determined to get their diabetes under control. The first person that we were introduced to was a college student who wants to be like the rest of college students engaging in wild parties, drinks and all the other fun that is associated with the college nightlife.  Next we look at a young woman, who has gestational diabetes. She is pregnant and needs to be able to cope with her diabetes and her pregnancy which can be a tricky task, in order for her to ensure her pregnancy continues without much complication and for the health of her and her child. The last person that is shown in the episode is a 25 year old woman, who cannot afford a new insulin pump. It’s really devastating to see such young people suffering from the disease. They all seemed eager and willing to do anything to ensure a better quality of life for themselves, their families, and for the expectant mother, for their child. This leads me to believe that this episode was shot in a quest narrative theme.

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  1. Diabetes can greatly impact and control the lives of those who are affected. It seems that it is especially hard on young adults. As you detailed about the true life episode about the college student, it really can set them apart from their peers because ensuring their diabetes is taken care of needs to be a priority. I think that having a support group of young people who suffer from diabetes can be helpful so that they do not feel so alone in their struggles. It also is a good thing to have a place where those who have diabetes can learn of better ways to take care of themselves and learn about the new innovations that are being made to increase the quality of life of these patients. Diabetic medication can be very expensive and that obviously plays a big role for many diabetics and their ability to manage their condition.

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