W4 Activity: I Have Diabetes

True Life: I have Diabetes took at the look of the lives of 3 different people who are living with diabetes. One of the people was a girl who was pregnant and her diabetes could have caused issues with her pregnancy. All of the people in this episode were struggling with the things that they had to do in order to keep their disease under control. The people in this episode use narratives to describe their daily lives with their disease. Diabetes is a disease that takes over a person’s life because they have to take the disease into consideration with everything that they do. None of the people in this episode really used the sick role to any advantage. They were all more concerned with what they had to do to control the disease.

Illness narratives are helpful because it gives people a look at a disease through the eyes of a person that actually has one. There are some diseases that are difficult to understand unless you actually suffer from it. Having a person that has diabetes tell you about diabetes is more informative than reading about it or trying to learn about it on your own. It also helps people to understand what their day to day life could look like. Narratives help other people understand how difficult life could be while living with a disease like diabetes.

This episode gave a great example of the stigma that having diabetes has especially if the person with diabetes is pregnant. The woman that was pregnant had to go through more to take care of herself than the others involved in the episode. Not only was her health in danger but the baby was at risk because her health was at risk. All of the people in the episode faced difficulties in their daily lives because of their illness.

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