W4 Reflection: Fibromyalgia

I read this week’s post on Fibromyalgia and it was clear to me right away how difficult this illness must be to live with! I learned a lot about it from the post and quickly realized that it is truly a very much misunderstood illness. Before reading this week’s blog on the subject I always thought that Fibromyalgia was widespread nerve pain. Just like it said in the post, there are many commercials about medications that claim to help ease the pain and control the illness. From reading the blog I now see that each individual has their own unique pain and they don’t even know when and where it will hurt tomorrow or in the next 10 minutes. I think that with today’s medicine doctors are obviously aware and know about this illness but because each person experiences it differently I believe that the easiest thing for them to do is pain relief for every situation. However, as stated in the blog, this is a syndrome and thus that is what medical practitioners should really be focused on. It should be more about treating this whole syndrome and learning more about it since as of now they think there is nothing that actually causes this illness.

The connection between belief and healing as mentioned in the “Placebo: Cracking the Code” video is very much a prominent one. With this meaning that those who actually believe they are being healed, even if they’re taking a placebo, actually do see improvement. It is quite a bizarre thing and in my opinion really helps demonstrate how important and powerful our minds can actually be. Although there is no guarantee and this doesn’t always happen there are clearly cases where patients suffering from something who are given medication, and patients suffering from the same condition who are given a placebo both end up with a positive outcome.

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  1. Hi Meri,

    I also found the blog post to be quite an eye opener about what fibromyalgia is and what the symptoms are like. I couldn’t believe the wide range of where and how it effects the body. As you, I never really dug deeper and the commercials about nerve pain were all I associated with fibromyalgia. For some reason I thought it was kind of something like arthritis in the way that pain is felt in a specific location and flares up on occasion. Now that I have read a bit more about this syndrome, it is clear to me how much is unknown and still a mystery. It makes me interested in what kind of research is being done to learn more about it. I personally feel like I can relate to someone suffering from fibromyalgia because I often get migraines. People who have never experienced a migraine have no clue how excruciating and debilitating it can be, and it seems to be hard for people to understand because by my outward appearance suggests there is nothing wrong with me except when I get so nauseous I vomit. There is not a visible injury, it is all subjective to how I’m feeling. Migraines run in my family thought, so it is good that the people closest to me understand what I am going through and sympathize appropriately.

  2. Hello! I find this illness very peculiar! I have no idea it existed until I saw a random Lyrica commercial and even then I didn’t get any concrete information from it. After reading the articles about the illness, I can only imagine the daily struggle and pain that those who are suffering from fibromyalgia. My biomedical perceptions were as developed because of the lack of knowledge I had for the illness but from the materials given, treatment of this illness is heavily reliant on prescription drugs and other strong medication. That in itself can cause a chain of other health problems too. Culturally, I think it’s harder to understand this disease because we can’t really fathom what a patient is truly going through; it’s not easily explained compared to another ailment like a broken leg, for example.
    Having a debilitating illness like this makes life increasing difficult especially if loved ones around don’t understand. The influence of those around on my perceptions is one geared towards avoiding the sick role as we live in such a busy society that we can’t afford to take time off. I think that also makes me a lot more skeptical but intrigued to learn more about different conditions.

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