Week 4 Activity: I have Diabetes

As a patient, illness narratives will bring light to many of the inner complications with social stigmas that may occur on a daily basis due to this condition. Which means those who can’t relate to what the patient is feeling may not be able to understand why certain things may be occurring. It doesn’t matter whether or not that effect is happening within the sick individual or the family and friends, it can place holds on personal relationship with those in your daily surroundings! An illness narrative can be useful because of the help it provides us with understanding the way an illness can effect a person’s life and at times lower that barrier.

To summarize the episode of “True Life: I have Diabetes”, I felt the main point of this episode was to display the importance of taking care of your medical and financial matters. Kristyn was a primary example of this concept, working two jobs 80 hours a week just to survive and pay medical expenses while also coping with living with diabetes. Matt was a 19 year old college student with Type 1 diabetes taking voluntary risks with his health in efforts to have what he refers to as the “college experience”. Then last there is Jen, who is 19 and pregnant with Type 2 diabetes and has trouble deal with pregnancy cravings and her new nutrition diet.

While illness narrative in the case of the True Life participants, I believe this specific episode is a “Quest Narrative”. I tried to consider each of the individual participant’s goals and they each wanted an opportunity to improve their health, some even a little too late (Matt). Each person understood the consequences of their actions and had to face their own punishments for those irresponsible actions. In all, I believe that each worked to redeem themselves in efforts to better their situations.


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