Week 4 Reflection: Diabetes

When many individuals think of the term Diabetes the first thing that comes to mind is Obesity. Now perhaps this is my own cultural analysis but growing up the only characteristic of Diabetes I could name was the factor of Obesity. I come from a long general of family members who have and are currently living with Type 2 diabetes because they were diagnosed later on in life. Whether this illness comes from genetics or poor health it is very common within my family and also in a great deal of the African American community. The assumptions many make about Diabetes is one that stems from our own culture and biomedical experiences involving this illness. I believe the true parties responsible are in fact those two influences. By growing up in a low income environment filled with mainly African Americans who commonly had or developed health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. I assumed that these illnesses were inevitable for this specific group of people and that eventually I would fall victim to one or the other as well!

Growing up I even had friend who were diagnosed with diabetes in their early team years which was frightening. Viewing the You Tube video of Anna Mclean most certainly hit home for me because I have watched friends and family member struggle with the same illness for years and it is heartbreaking.

In relation to the connections between belief and healing, I truly believe the similarity lies within our own accepting for the two terms. For example from the film “Placebo: Cracking the Code”, Janis Schonfeld and her help with the antidepressant placebo trail at UCLA. She was a successful participant in the placebo effect which led her to belief she was being cured by this placebo. I believe that as long as the placebo effect is a wonderful concept as long as the participant agrees to this course of treatment. If we trust we are being healed then belief will follow!


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