W5 Activity: Post Prompt

W5 Activity: Post Prompt

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Title: Start your title with the week number (“W5 Activity: ”)

Pick a condition that you feel is heavily medicalized or biomedicalized in our society (e.g. “Obesity”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Describe the role of medications in American society in the contexts of medicalization and biomedicalization? What does it say about our cultural values and ideologies about health, wellbeing and success? Use examples from the readings and film.
  • Find a link to an advertisement for a medication that treats this condition and include it in your post
  • Using my birth control lecture as an example, identify the following elements in your advertisement: Cultural values and ideologies; Social Roles; Presentation of medical information; Doctor-patient interactions; Other advertising strategies

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick a post with a different condition and look at the advertisement they are analyzing
  • Describe the cultural, political, economic, historical, etc. forces that now re-frame this condition as an “illness” that requires biomedical intervention? Refer to the Conrad article for ideas on how to explain this.
  • Cite your sources at the bottom in Chicago Style


One thought on “W5 Activity: Post Prompt

  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Jessica!
    I agree that advancements in medicine have led to the possibility and accessibility of some form of medication for nearly any “condition” or illness a person may feel or think they are feeling. Medication for erectile dysfunction is especially overused as you see younger males using these types of medication just to improve their sexual competence as well as older males using them to be able to continue their sexual performance. In our modern-day culture, the phrase “sex sells” is not just a phrase, but a reality as both sex and beauty are shown as some of the most important things in life. This leads people to do whatever they can to be as sexually efficient as possible, even if it means taking medication. Also, with health insurance being so easy to get now, people are able to easily get prescriptions for these medications and then afford them with the help of health insurance. Another factor that may contribute to the increased medicalization of erectile dysfunction could also be the fact that the average lifespan of a person is consistently increasing. This leads to many older people still wanting to enjoy all aspects of life, including being able to actively participate in sexual activities.

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