W5 Activity: Depression

In today’s society, the way we treat our illness is simply using medication to treat our illness. Our  different culture defines what a healthy person should be in the American Society, and its being mean that a healthy American is no longer defined as someone who is freely from diseases or any illnesses. The reason why it’s stated or mentioned that american no longer is healthy freely from disease is because american culture defines health as being in a certain amount of physical states, personal appearance, income and social statuses. Because there’s so many levels to be successful, or people are not able to meet their expectations it has caused them to be depressed. In addition, most people have felt sad or depressed at times. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to loss, life’s struggles, or an injured self-esteem. Depression is a real illness that impacts the brain. Anyone suffering from depression will tell you, it’s not imaginary or “all in your head.” Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It is a serious illness caused by changes in brain chemistry. Furthermore, people seek medication by all kind of ranges from mild depression to serious depression and its painful to see and hear how it can always lead to death.

Here is a link to the medication advertisement I picked for Depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGymr78FtbU

In this advertisement is based on adults and how using certain medication did not help her from her depression. There’s day where she’s able to put on a brave face, but there’s other days were she is still struggling with her depression. Her attitude in begin was sad, unable to be strong and needed help. However, with Abilify it was able to help others within 1-2 weeks and it can help you control your depression. With this medication, it presented well with all side effects, how certain age are unable to use this medication, and etc. Furthermore, it also presented and described some depression disorders that can caused blood levels and other serious conditions. It also goes in-depth if the medication does not help with your depression, patients should seek more information from their physicians. The fact that this advertisement is helping and addresses symptoms makes this more effective. Also, it’s nice to see when people overcome their depression and are able to enjoy life even if it’s just a short amount time.

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