W5 Activity: Sleep Disorders

Medicalization shows us that normal human conditions can be considered medical problems and thus leads to more research and treatments being executed in hopes of finding a solution. Medication serves as a big role in American society considering many people rely on pharmaceuticals to treat certain problems. In ‘Pill Poppers,’ we are shown how big the connection is between pharmaceutical companies and the consumer. Drugs are made and advertised to appeal to certain demographics and encourages people to seek help from doctors to obtain the treatment. For example, men who are having sexual troubles (which is a normal issue) will feel it necessary to use Viagra. While medicalization has helped greatly, I feel like it has also caused a major problem. Many cultures and societies have come to accept the use of pills in treating problems. However, I think we are too quick to assume we need medication for a small issue that we refuse to explore more reasonable, alternative avenues.

With that being said, I have found that sleep disorders/insomnia have become heavily medicalized in today’s society. I always see a countless amount of advertisements on tv and the internet for pills to treat insomnia. Some people today fail to understand how serious sleep disorders can actually be. Unfortunately, ‘insomnia’ is a term used to loosely nowadays. Those who have trouble sleeping automatically assume they are insomniacs and require medication to treat it without exploring other methods of treatment such as monitoring caffeine intake, possible anxiety, and watching they eat.

I posted a commercial for Lunesta, a common sleeping pill used to help those with insomnia. The commercial instantly gives us medical information about the symptoms such as restless thoughts and waking up in the middle of the night. It also informs us of problems that can occur while taking the medication. The commercial also establishes the need for a doctor-patient interaction by stating ‘Ask your doctor if Lunesta is right for you.’

3 thoughts on “W5 Activity: Sleep Disorders

  1. Reading your post about sleeping disorder and your view on it has a lot of valid points because many people do misunderstand what sleeping order and insomnia means. Sleeping disorder has been a huge illness in our world and I do see a lot of advertisements/commercials about them on TV, but what causes sleeping disorder? I think that was one point I missed reading your post. I wished you mentioned what causes sleeping disorder because not many people will understand the cause of sleeping disorder.
    The video you posted about sleeping disorder was great! It definitely went from having a problem to curing the illness. It was also very descriptive on the symptoms Lunesta, the side effects, and how you said “Ask your doctor Lunesta is right for you,” will definitely help others to ask their doctor about it.
    Furthermore, you did a great job on your post, but just missed a few points on what sleeping disorder is, the causes/effects, the cure, and etc about sleeping pill. Also, how you add insomnia; you could explain the difference between the two or how are they the same. But overall, great post.

  2. Hey Michelle! Interesting post! Although I feel as if I know what insomnia is myself, I missed more information about the illness within your post! There are many people that live with insomnia. Because of the culture that we live in, I believe that many people find it important to have a good nights sleep. Growing up I learned that I needed so many hours of sleep a night and that sleep has so many benefits to ones health. Therefore, people who have insomnia strive to get that sleep that they no longer can, so Pharmacist came up with a drug that will give people with this illness better rest at night. Our culture is always on the go, busy from one thing to the next which is why getting good rest is so heavily desired so they can have enough energy for their daily activities. I was also curious as to what exactly causes insomnia?
    I have seen the lunesta commercial before, as it is pretty popular. It’s a great advertisement because it gives you the perfect image of what it could be like to have a perfect nights sleep which would make you want to try out their product. Furthermore, the music in the video is very peaceful and calming like it would be if you were sleeping. The video also includes side effects of Lunesta of abnormal behaviors like, worsening depression, hallucinations, aggressiveness, etc. Also, it warns you to not engage in driving or operating a vehicle until you feel fully awake. Anyways, great post!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    You did a great job explaining how Americans can confuse sleep disorders and the overuse of medications to help with our sleeping patterns. Sometimes our bodies just need to readjust our sleeping cycles, so that can also help with insomnia. In western societies we live busy and bustling filled lives so many quickly turn to medication to help them with sleep because they are the quickest option. People need to feel energized for work or school so they turn to lunesta. In the commerical you can see the actor leading a stressful life, but after taking the drug she is much better, almost leading a perfect life.

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