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In today’s society there are medications for everything! There are medications for things that you would generally think to take medications for like pain, allergies, high blood pressure, thyroid medication, etc. Then there are medications to help your confidence or should I say medications that you want rather than need. For example, rogaine, Viagra, diet pills, acne, and more. With all of these medications being very common for people to resort to, you can see that looking and feeling your best, even if that means fixing the natural process your body goes to, is very important within our cultural values. When it comes to physically looking your best, people tend to believe that success will be the result. For instance, from the video lecture about PMS, the idea about birth control medication being taken these days just because a decrease in acne is an effect along with breast size increase, is all more of the reason that girls are taking the medication. A girls menstrual cycle is one the most natural body process’s there is and it is now being medicalized.

In the Viagra commercial advertisement, men are advised to talk to a physician and unite together as men because as the advertisement states, many have this problem. The commercial illustrates how today’s cultural values or being sexually active can still be done at a later age. Many of the Viagra commercials are directed at older male populations because of the decrease in sex drive. However, in the commercial I chose to tag a link to uses a women with a British accent to make the commercial more appealing to men.

This commercial is featured on The Ellen Show. The Commercial comes on at 1:55 and if you continue watching Ellen does her own Viagra commercial which is pretty hilarious.

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