W5 Reflection: Male/Female

Biomedicine simply explains health and disease in terms of anatomy and physiology, so it is really all the biology and science behind illness and health. Biomedicine is a critical concept in understanding human health. Although we are all alike physiologically and anatomically as humans, that does not mean that we are not also unique in those same concepts. Every patient has his or her own unique situation and knowing the biology behind something sometimes is not actually enough to be able to help the patient completely. Cultural aspects as well as other aspects are very important and can really influence the healing process of a person. So ultimately although biomedicine seems to be just simply informative and factual it is actually influenced by cultural aspects as well as other aspects.

Dichotomy to me is simply two concepts that oppose one another. I believe that dichotomy is inevitable and came to be because there simply are clear opposites to things and that realization cannot be ignored. One example is male and female. I believe that in the past, with the way that people viewed things, dichotomy between male and female was inevitable. I think presently, especially in the Western culture, a lot of things have changed. Dichotomy is two polar opposite things and now people are able to be more open minded about differences between things and even genders. Now people can more easily relate things that may have opposites and quickly see that there are also similarities in those things. I believe that dichotomy is sort of an easy way to process things. I believe dichotomy is easily accepted as a logical and true concept because when you can simply say two things are opposites and that truth is easily accepted, but when you think of relationships and similarities to things that also oppose each other in some ways, life gets a little bit more complicated.

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