W5 Reflection: Male/Female

In the field of biomedicine, there are claims that this discipline is free from human influence in that its state is only objectively controlled by the laws of nature.  However there is an inherent cultural structure that exists within the field of biomedicine that influences the true objectivity of its’ claims and should not be so easily written as the one true source of health care.  This culture of biomedicine manifests itself in different ways that reveals the ways in which medicine is affected from outside influences.  As the lecture indicated, the racially charged studies of biological superiority is an example of how historically socioeconomic factors have affected the way biomedicine was directed.  Another way to look into the way biomedicine is outwardly affected is through the complexities that deal with the language of biomedicine.  In the article “From Hyperactive Children to ADHD Adults: Observations on the Expansion of Medical Categories”, we see how the addition of labels can create literal disparities among words.  Genetics and nurture is an example of a divide among genetic and sociocultural impacts.  Gender and sex, male and female, are also of note, especially during a time of a second wave Civil Rights Movement of sorts.  In Western culture there has been a dichotomy dealing with gender which is a biological identification that has reflected into the way we perceive sex, which is a cultural identification.  We perceive the duality as absolute indicators of identity but recently there has been an arrival of conscience dealing with the different ways people may identify themself, transgender, transsexual, intersex.  This adds to the complexity of sexual orientation.  I believe that there are traditional social structures that have contributed to the strict two term criteria.  The traditional family has always been a role model for how society should be formed and that dealt with a mother and father.  Through that, possibilities of homosexuality and transgender roles do not fit these roles and because of this oppression has been perpetuated.  The role of dichotomy in biomedicine is a way to simplify how we perceive nature but there needs to be a better effort in being altruistic.

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